THE BLECH - Avant-Garde Rock, Progressive Rock, Experimental Rock

"German band THE BLECH have slashed the throat of the golden twenties and replaced them with an Ibero-Anglo arabesque voice mix. THE BLECH disconcert, irritate, scare and .. make wonderful radical dance music, which may inspire you to listen, reflect or dance through the night". // Dr. Susanne Binas

An anarchistic listening enjoyment with Avant-Garde Rock, bits of Brecht / Weill, Jazz elements, witty tongue-in-cheek lyrics, Dada and the expressive voice of "Der Volz".

Established by Hubl Greiner and Rupert Volz, who formed the core of THE BLECH.

THE BLECH - Avant-Garde Rock, Progressive Rock, Experimental Rock

THE BLECH released 6 LP/CD. Their albums have become a treasure-trove of extravagant, groovy dance hall artistry. In addition to their CDs, THE BLECH presented equally radical videoclips and unscrupulous live-shows - the already mentioned "treat for the eyes".

The forcefulness with which THE BLECH flung their conviction from the stage into the audience was at once hypnotic, irritating and erotic.

THE BLECH have been invited 2 times to "documenta Kassel", toured in North and South America, Japan, Russia, Siberia, Canada, throughout Europe and the Soviet bloc and has received many international awards.

THE BLECH live Dokumenta Kassel 1987

THE BLECH live in Moscow 1992

THE BLECH live in Illingen 1992
Text: Ernst Jandl (Ich kann die Hand nicht heben hoch zum Gruß, Der zertretene Mann Blues)


Hubl Greiner ... drums, machines, objects, marimba, piano, bass, percussion
Der Volz ... vocals, brass instruments, trumpet, guitar, lyrics
Helmut Bieler-Wendt (1989-1994) ... violin, violectra, piano
Shirley Hofmann (1990 -1993) ... brass, piano, accordeon, vocals
Jens Volk (1992-1994) ... bass
Therofal (1986-1989) ... bass, sampler, vocals
Sandra Silva Coutinho (1991) ... bass, vocals
Achim "Bagdad" Schmidt (1987) ... violine

Cheerfully across the abyss... and beyond! Unscrupulous Entertainment

THE BLECH (1985-1996). The German band THE BLECH became known when they came on the scene in 1985, using a combination of experiments with language and music, with a fondness for absurd plays on words. In subsequent years, the band developed these musical experiments into one of the few timeless approaches to pop music in Germany, which enjoyed worldwide acclaim. THE BLECH have helped to overturn an artistic millenium which, as a basis for the relationship between Man and nature, had clung to harmony.

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